Lets Go Hunt'n

Wyoming: archery hunting dates 8/15-9/30, rifle dates Oct. 1-31 in most units

  1. 3 day archery or 2 day rifle TROPHY ANTELOPE HUNT SPECIAL  on private land in central Wyoming. Includes guiding, hunt transportation, trophy field care.  $1595 plus tag.  Add an extra day of hunt for $250 per hunter.   Add a SECOND TROPHY ANTELOPE for $1500 trophy fee.
  2. 3 day TROPHY ANTELOPE with a beautiful lodge setting.  Includes guiding, meals, hunt transportation, and trophy field care $2250 plus tag.
  3. 3 day guided pronghorn hunt for better than average bucks on private land in the high desert of northern Wy. Includes guiding, lunch in the field, hunt transportation, and trophy field care only $1450 plus tag.  Hunters pay room and board in Gillette, Wy. This guide is the best at judging trophy antelope! 
  4. 2 day guided Trophy pronghorn hunt on a 150,000 acre private ranch in eastern Wy! Includes guiding, nice on site lodging, all meals, hunt transportation, and trophy field care. This hunt is for those looking for a quality buck antelope with only a limited amount of time to hunt. $2295 plus tag! This outfit averages 75” on their buck antelope!
  5. 3 day guided pronghorn hunt on private land in eastern Wy! Includes guiding, nice on site hunting lodge, all meals, hunt transportation, and trophy field care. This hunt is for those looking for a nice buck with a hunting lodge atmosphere. Hunts are limited in numbers so book soon. $1850 plus tag for two or more hunters.  HUNT SPECIAL !

AO Client Jason Zaro, DIY WY

Client F. Comaich, WY Aug. 2015


Montana: archery hunting dates 8/15-9/30, rifle dates early Oct.-mid Nov.

  1. 4 day guided archery pronghorn hunt on private land. This is for a those looking for a true western experience as the camp can consist of several large guides tents with heaters, cabins, or RV trailer lodging.  Our clients are running over 80% kill success on this hunt! $1995 plus tag. Tags are near 100% guaranteed.  Add $300 per hunter for extra hunt days
  1. Montana rifle antelope hunts are available for $1695-$1950 depending on the outfitter used. These are very good hunts but we cannot guarantee you a tag unless you have a Montana Antelope Bonus Point. The draw success without points is about 60-70%, well worth putting in for on a yearly basis. If you have a bonus call us ASAP!!!

Colorado: rifle hunting dates early Oct.

Don’t overlook Colorado when it comes to antelope hunting. We work with a couple outfitters that can produce good scoring buck antelope.

  1. 3 day guided rifle hunt in northwest Colorado. A family run outfit with a very high success hunt. All guiding, meals, lodging, and hunt transportation are includes on this hunt. If you don’t draw the tag you will be provided with a landowner voucher to obtain a tag. $2300 plus tag
  2. 3 day guided rifle Trophy hunt in southern Colorado. This is a small operation with access to several ranches that produce quality buck antelope. Our hunters in 2010 killed two bucks that gross scored 84 and 86”! All guiding, lodging, and hunt transportation is included in this hunt. Guaranteed tags but you must book soon. $2500 plus tag.
  3. 3 and 4 four day guided TROPHY archery antelope hunt. Hunting is done by use of blinds on waterholes and spot and stalk. Highly successful hunt! $1750 for a 3 day hunt and $2000 for a 4 day hunt.

New Mexico: Mid Aug. and Mid Sept. rifle hunting dates

When antelope hunters think of trophy antelope they think of New Mexico. We work a couple of the best outfits in southwest that really put on a great hunt antelope.

  1. 3 day rifle hunt in northeast NM. Two 3 day season are available; one in mid August the other in mid Sept. Hunters have access to about 80,000 acres of private land and will be housed in a brand new hunting lodge with all the comforts of home. This hunt includes all meals, guiding, trophy field care, and hunt transportation. This is one of the most affordable NM antelope hunts at $2800 and that includes the tag!
  2. 3 day rifle hunt in northeast NM. This outfit is also well known in the hunt industry! Hunters will be lodged in a very nice motel in Clayton, NM along with all guiding, meals, hunt transportation, trophy field care, and private land access. This outfit is running 100% success for the last 95 hunters! Two hunts cost are available; draw the tag $2450 or purchase and landowner voucher $3450 plus tag.
  3. 3 day rifle hunt in central NM. This outfitter has killed book antelope on this hunt. Hunters will stay in local motels and dine on restaurant meals, with all the hunting done on private land. Also included in the hunt is guiding, hunt transportation and trophy field care. $3450 plus tag.


Client A Simi, WY Oct. 2015