Antelope Hunting Information and Tags


Searching for an antelope hunt can take hours of sifting through hunt brochures and outfitter websites that are advertising hunts for all western big game. We do one thing and one thing only here at Antelope, and that is Antelope Hunting! We can save you time and money, just look at out hunt prices! We can provide hunts for rifle antelope hunters and archery antelope hunters. Our hunts take place on managed private land so our success rates are second to none.

Antelope hunting clients are running 98.2 % rifle hunting success, and well over 100% opportunity rates because some people just can‘t shoot straight! Archery hunters are currently at a 82% kill success rate!  We can guarantee our hunters tags on about 90% of our antelope hunts. They are secured by 100% draw opportunities or by landowner vouchers in other states. 


Antelope Hunting
Client E. Puente, CO Sept. 2015


AO Client Jimmie Elnashar, WY
AO Client Jimmie Elnashar, WY